Industrial Automation

Vettore PWR has a partnership agreement with Enertronica Santerno S.p.A., a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange which operates in the energy and power electronics sector; a multinational that can now boast a vast suite of skills acquired in fifty years of activity.

The mission is to create value for its shareholders by operating with an eco-sustainable and modern approach.

The Group is a leader in the production of inverters for applications in the Industrial Automation and Photovoltaic sector where it boasts notable records including that of being the first Italian operator with a global installation of over 12 GW.


For 50 years Enertronica Santerno has been collaborating with its customers in the field of industrial automation, the solutions proposed to the international market offer a complete range of electronic power converters; versatile, innovative and reliable products applied in over 25 industrial sectors.

Inverters in a complete range of power with different types of performance in order to satisfy the most demanding requests, soft starters for starting motors, drives for direct current motors and electric motors are the Santerno proposal for industrial automation in low and medium voltage. All these solutions have been developed with a view to high performance and high energy efficiency.

Santerno has always paid particular attention to eco-sustainability proposing regenerative applications, which make it possible to re-feed the energy produced during the braking phase into the grid. Indeed, safeguarding the environment is a key element of corporate value. Hence a strong commitment to the development of the best technologies that allow to consume less, making more. The optimization of the characteristics of Santerno products guarantees significant energy and economic benefits for users.

Thanks to an international network of distributors able to provide technical assistance, made up of specialized, reliable and experienced partners, Santerno ensures prompt response and rapid resolution of any operational critical issues of complex applications.

Industrial Inverters

  • VFD's for control of motors

  • Grid Tie Inverters for power generation

  • 5 kW through 3,000 kW