IoT Services

Predictive maintenance through IoT

Utilizing our wireless sensor technology to monitor facility assets and perform predictive maintenance, is a low cost approach which provides effective means to embark on the PREDICTIVE Maintenance path.

It is a simple, scalable and immediate way to get visibility on your most critical assets and facilities’ problem areas. You do it with a low capital investment and in a matter of minutes.

With the ability to track uptime, temperature, and vibration trending, and receive real time alerts, maintenance teams can target trouble areas before they cause costly downtime.

Web based system that is easily accessed by smart phone, tablet or computer users.

Alerts can be sent via email or text based on user definable setpoints. Our systems offer monitoring and alarming capabilities, remote control, as well as trending and tracking history for all sensor and machine data.

What we can monitor:

  • Temperature

  • Vibration

  • Moisture

  • Location (mobile asset tracking)

  • Existing Machine data*

  • Pressure

  • Flow

  • Power factor and quality

  • Existing sensors which may be part of an

  • existing control system

*Connect older existing machines to collect critical information – review of equipment and communication protocol required.

Our Process

Rental, trial, and scalable systems available

  • Client meeting and facility assessment with

  • no upfront costs

  • Our team of reliability and technology experts will review your facility, any pain points, and existing systems. We help identify the best ROI, as well as the most critical assets which will allow greatest efficiency and uptime

  • Proposal stage complete with ROI calculation

  • and implementation schedule and planning

  • When the installation phase is completed, client training and ongoing support is provided to ensure the system is fully functional and is understood by plant operators.