Artificial Gas Lift System

LiftPlus Systems™

Doing More With Less

LiftPlus Energy Solutions Ltd. was founded on the tenet of contributing to the sustainability of the oil and gas industry. They do this by developing technologies and products that will:

  • reduce capital and operational costs

  • improve oil and gas well productivity

  • favorably impact the environment by:

    • reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    • using less power to do the same or more work than existing systems

  • proves to be much more robust and reliable than existing technologies, which will:

    • enhance production, reduce intervention costs and significantly improve down time

The LiftPlus System is an Environment Social Governance (ESG) technology.

Vettore PWR has a partnership agreement with LiftPlus Energy Solutions Ltd.

Cenovus Christina Lake SAGD. Copyright Cenovus Energy.

Cenovus Christina Lake SAGD facility in Northern Alberta

Artificial Lift System Classifications:

  1. Positive Displacement Pumps: Reciprocating Rod Pump (RRP), Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)

  2. Dynamic Pumps: Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), Jet Pump (JP)

  3. Gas & Plunger Lift: Gas Lift (GL), Plunger Lift (PL)

  4. NEW PD Gas Lift: LiftPlus System

The LiftPlus System is a hybrid system that combines some of the principles from 1, 2, and 3.

How It Works

The LiftPlus System is a positive displacement pump that is deployed down a well and is operated via compressed gas, which cycles each stroke of the pump. Once the pressure in the operating gas is let down, it is returned to service with no wastage.


  • has infinite turndown ratio, whereas ESP has a very narrow window of operation.

  • is unaffected by emulsion/ gas interference.

  • can handle significant sand cut.

  • has very low operational cost.

  • positive displacement correlates to lowered SOR (steam to oil ratio).

  • little to no maintenance.

  • much lower reservoir pressure to produce the same (or more) fluid than traditional gas lift systems.

  • uses approximately 65% less gas than traditional gas lift to produce 250+ m3/ day total fluid.

Proven Technology

We have successfully installed LiftPlus System in one of the most challenging applications in the world and it continued to operate uninterrupted from 2006 until 2014 (when the pilot SAGD facility was mothballed). Two more systems have been put in operation as of mid-2020. The simple robustness of the system makes it extremely reliable. Thermal In-Situ Bitumen Extraction in the Canadian Oil Sands (SAGD) is a well established technology but can be very challenging for equipment that operates subsurface. Reducing capital and operational costs will be key to maintaining sustainable margins. LiftPlus System has been successful in providing a direct, drop-in replacement for ESP technology, vastly reducing energy consumption, extending equipment lifetime, effectively reducing capital and operational costs while reducing carbon intensity.

Now, the LiftPlus System technology will be deployed into West Texas shale operations and conventional oil extraction within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

The technology is also available for deployment in other fields of application, including in situ mining.


ESG and Lift Plus Energy Solutions – Make An Impactful Contribution In Reducing GHG Emissions and Power Consumption

July 15, 2021 EnergyNow Media

Disclaimer: Photo of Cenovus Christina Lake operation is for illustration purposes only. Vettore PWR and LiftPlus Energy Solutions is not representing that Cenovus is a client of its technology.