Applied Research & Technology Collaboration

Applied Research & Technology Collaboration

As Vettore PWR is a ESG focused company one of the key tenets is our desire and support for the development of technologies, applications and it's people:

We live by the Tenet of "Think Local - Act Global"

Thru a strategic focus we leverage the capabilities and availability of the brilliant minds of the academic community within the Edmonton region:

University of Alberta

Power Electronics Lab (uAPEL)

"The general goal of uAPEL is to develop highly efficient and reliable power electronics and integrated intelligent control systems for various industrial applications. One of the main objectives is to design and implement power electronic devices for harvesting reliable renewable energies more efficiently and with flexibility at a much lower cost to eliminate barriers to the widespread use of distributed energy technology."

NAIT - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

The Alternative Energy Technology Program

"NAIT's Alternative Energy Technology diploma program will provides the student with both the theoretical and practical skills needed to design, integrate and maintain systems that utilize major alternative energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, biofuels, hydro, fuel cell and well the program also enhances the students understanding of the industry through studies in project management, economics, business and energy management."

Vettore PWR's managing director still holds the record within the program for the largest number of industry sponsored capstone projects within the NAIT program for a single company.