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Consider Vettore PWR as more than your electrical equipment supplier. Our distinct values in the electrical industry include our depth of knowledge, relationships, and ingenuity. Consider us as your partner to lead your project in the right direction.

Although we have established relationships with the following manufacturers, we also have ongoing business with many other manufacturers globally, whether directly or through one of Vettore PWR's affiliated companies.

Manufacturer Partnerships

Enertronica Santerno

LV and MV applications can benefit from Santerno’s inverters coming in a full range of power ratings with different performance levels to meet the most demanding requirements, soft starters, DC motor drives and electric motors. All these solutions have been developed keeping in mind high performance and high energy efficiency.

Santerno has always paid close attention to eco-sustainability, offering products designed for regenerative applications, where the energy generated during the braking stage is re-injected into the supply line. The protection of the environment, for the sake of present and future generations, is indeed a key element of Santerno’s business value. This leads to strong commitment in developing the most enhanced technologies focussing on energy saving and higher efficiency, thus minimizing environmental impact. The optimization of Santerno products specifications and their control modes ensure energy saving benefits as well as economic advantages.

The Group is a leader in the production of inverters for applications in the Industrial Automation and Photovoltaic sector where it boasts notable records including that of being the first Italian operator with a global installation of over 12 GW.


WEG is a global benchmark company for electrical machines with a wide range of product lines, providing full and efficient solutions since 1961.

Doing business in over 135 countries, WEG is one of the top global players with background expertise to provide full turnkey systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Jeumont Electric

Jeumont Electric specializes in high-power electric machines and auxiliary equipment. Founded in 1898, headquartered in Jeumont, France. Jeumont Electric manufactures in France and India.

Jeumont Electric manufactures two-pole motors for use with variable speed drives up to 8,000 rpm and rated power from 4 MW to 40 MW and low-speed motors.


  • Synchronous Machines:

      • Motors

      • Generators

      • Hydro-Electric Generators

      • Excitation

      • Permanent Magnet Generators

      • Cooling Systems

  • Asynchronous Motors

  • Converters

  • Excitation and Protection

Tatung Company

Established in 1918 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Tatung has a long history of high quality manufacturing. This factory is responsible for manufacturing Toshiba brand motors outside of Japan since the 1980's.

Tatung provides Vettore PWR an advantage with their high quality, CSA compliant, high horsepower LV, MV, and HV motor applications at very competitive pricing.

Tatung is capable of manufacturing drop-in replacement motors that match existing torque-speed curves and other critical parameters.

JSHP Transformer

Founded in 1967, this completely family owned company manufactures and delivers over 500+ transformers between 110kV and 500 kV and 30,000+ units below 69kV. JSHP is currently the largest producer of Medium Power Transformers (MPT) in the world.

Their impressively efficient manufacturing operation boasts an average fabrication lead time of 50 days for 110kV to 500 kV units.

Over a hundred of JSHP transformers has been delivered to USA/Canada since 2009.