Renewable Interconnection & Integration

Renewable Energy Interconnection & Integration Services

Vettore PWR assists renewable resource developers to sail through a myriad of procedures and processes for the interconnection and integration of their renewable projects as required by the regulatory framework and the electric power utilities within the jurisdictions they wish to participate in. Our group of partner consultants are experts in the policy, regulatory framework as well as technical requirements for such interconnections, and grid integration services as well as the renewable energy policies and regulations themselves.

We can provide guidance and oversight on the step‐by‐step processes needed for the generation interconnection and, if requested, we will prepare all the necessary forms and studies necessary to apply for an interconnection request as well as provide an in-depth search and analysis to capture any available incentives or rebates from the myriad of ever changing municipal, provincial or federal programs. Further, we can also assist with the analysis and review of all interconnection studies performed by transmission operators and offer advice on strategies to optimize the associated interconnection requests. Finally, we can also provide a careful review of any tendered generation interconnection agreement and fully support any associated negotiations with our expert consultant group. Vettore PWR helps clients to:

  • Navigate through the transmission operators’ interconnection request procedures including modeling data preparation, single line diagram, power system data, etc.

  • Navigate through transmission operators’ various interconnection studies and develop strategies to resolve the inevitable impediments raised as part of these studies.

  • Review and help with the negotiation of the generation interconnection agreements.

  • Support the attainment of a maximized ROI financing modeling and power purchase agreements.

  • Navigate through project implementation particularly regarding meeting the operator’s requirements.

  • Assist with the project through to its operation phase.

Why VettorePWR

We strive to exceed the client’s expectation of the grid interconnection process from the beginning to the successful completion of the project. We are not just a service company that writes reports; our group of expert consultancy partners bring the experience of many years in the regulatory policy framework overlaid with utilities industry collaboration, validated by successful project implementations and understanding of how such projects various policy, regulatory and technical details affect the final outcome.

  • We strive to successfully collaborate with our clients to optimally leverage any and all incentive programs and rebates available from the jurisdictions in which they wish to participate in.

  • We have a culture of “Client Satisfaction” that rewards our stakeholder consultants to ensure client success.

  • We have a culture of “Value Delivery” that guides our process to look forward for ways to reduce cost and optimize revenue and to ensure longevity of the final installed renewable resource.